Our Demands

No PG&E Bail-out

In profitable times, investors make billions each year from ratepayers. No public funds should be used to pay PG&E’s debts, and disaster-recovery costs should not be passed to ratepayers. It is unacceptable for investors to continue profiting handsomely while the working class and poor in California bear the brunt of disaster recovery efforts. We reject privatized gain with socialized risk.

Stop the bail-out

Public and Worker Control

When decisions are made by a small group of millionaire executives and billionaire investors with profit as the highest guiding principle, the results are predictable and disastrous for the rest of us. Decisions about our energy grid should be made democratically by the 16 million people who rely on it every day, as well as the 20,000 skilled workers who know how it works.

Publicly own PG&E

A Green New Deal

We must completely decarbonize the economy within 10 years to prevent the worst of catastrophic climate disruption, erasure of coastal cities, deadly firestorms, mass extinction, food shortages, and a global climate refugee crisis of unimaginable proportions.

PG&E’s executives and investors have resisted and lobbied against decarbonization at every turn, arguing that natural gas and coal must remain a significant part of their energy portfolio in order for them to remain profitable.

If we operate on investors’ timetable, necessary change will certainly come too late. Public ownership of utilities and provides the mechanism for a democratic and just transition to clean energy while also creating good paying union jobs — not someday, but now.

Strike a green new deal