Let's Own PG&E

It's Time To Take Back Our Power

Electricity is an essential service, not a business. PG&E has failed the people of California too many times. A state-owned and community-controlled PG&E means safe, reliable, affordable electricity that can jump start a California Green New Deal.

It's time to take back our power.

Worker & Community Control

Workers and communities need more of a say in PG&E to ensure it is treated as an essential service, not a profit-making investment for Wall Street.

Democratic State Ownership

Public infrastructure is under the control of a private monopoly. PG&E should function democratically for safe, clean, and affordable energy, and good union jobs.

A Green New Deal

We are working toward Green New Deal programs that generate a clean, healthy and safe economy that works for all of us, not just the wealthy few.

A Profitable Disaster

PG&E has cost California billions in property damage and lives lost, but at every turn, its investors are bailed out. It's a cycle that will continue until we stop it.


San Bruno Explosion

Registering 1.1 on the Richter scale, this gas pipeline explosion was caused by PG&E's negligence, killing eight people and leveling 38 houses.


North Bay Fires

PG&E's equipment was implicated in 12 of the 13 wildfires that hit counties in and around Santa Rosa, all while claiming that fires like these are the "new normal."


Camp Fire

Escalating from the previous year, PG&E's negligence led to the deadliest wildfire in California history and the worst in the US in a century, claiming nearly 100 lives and causing $16.5 billion in damages with a fire large enough to be visible from space.

Let's Own PG&E

The solution is to bring Pacific Gas and Electric into public ownership, making it democratically accountable to the people of California and its workers.

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Publicly-Owned Utilities

Publicly owned utilities aren't new; in fact, they're the norm. See how other utilities operate and how they can serve as a model for a publicly owned PG&E.

Who are we?
The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

We are the largest and fastest growing socialist organization in the US. The DSA has teamed up with environmental justice organizations to take back public control of our energy grid.

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